Guided tour in Campania

The path of the gods


The Path of the Gods is a trekking route on the Amalfi Coast, certainly one of the best known and appreciated for its charm, to the point of being considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The route, easy to follow, is approximately 9 km long and requires approximately seven hours of walking. The starting point is in the small hamlet of Bomerano di Agerola. During the walk you will admire breathtaking scenery, as the path is located along the upper part of the Lattari Mountains, famous for being suspended between the land and the sea. After a few minutes, in fact, it will already be possible to observe the wonderful terraces of lemon groves, the blue of the sea and the sinuous line of the coast, with its villages perched among the mountains. Not far from the observation point you can also glimpse the island of Capri.

The route ends in the tiny hamlet of Nocelle (Positano) where, at your choice, you can choose to continue down the over a thousand steps that lead to state road 163 and the center of Positano, reachable after about 15 minutes of walking, or simply return to Agerola retracing the same road.

Path length: 8 km Starting point: Agerola Arrival: Nocelle or Positano
Degree of difficulty: E (Hiking). Not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo