Guided tour in Campania

Naples walking tour


The proposed tour is the starting point for understanding the rich heritage that the city of Naples offers. We will start from the Cathedral of Naples and its treasures which are displayed inside: the Church of Santa Restituta, the succorpo and the famous Cappella del Tesoro, where the cruets containing the blood of San Gennaro are displayed.

We will continue along the ancient decumani of the city, from Via dei Tribunali, to the famous Spaccanapoli, with its sumptuous palaces and splendid churches. We will cross Via San Gregorio Armeno, the famous street of nativity scenes, having fun observing the thousands of figurines and craft shops that make it famous throughout the world.

Before continuing with our walk, we will stop in one of the most beautiful squares in Naples, for an unmissable coffee and Sfogliatella break!

Next, we will visit the real highlight of the tour: the cloister of the Church of Santa Chiara. Made up of hundreds of painted majolica tiles of the highest quality and exquisite frescoes, it is considered one of the most beautiful treasures of Naples.